Align Somatics


Align Somatics enables an individual to replace sensory motor amnesia with sensory motor awareness. It is that awareness which lies at the heart of somatics, and which offers a permanent solution to pain removal.


PPK Services offered:

ongoing SEO and PPC campaign

Business Keyword - takeaway in Stratford / Halal restaurant 

The Company:

Tanya Fitzpatrick draws on a varied background of bodywork and has been teaching movement since 1999. She is a certified as a Somatic Movement Educator, an advanced yoga teacher trainer, and a Body-Mind Centering Professional. She has trained hundreds of individuals and groups how to move without pain and is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading Movement Educators. Her experience in coaching cutting edge movement education, has helped her clients to move in ways they never thought possible.


Project Overview:

PPK Digital was simply instructed to Increase the company's on-line presence and present the company to the forefront of its industry, with a creative campaign we are delivering just that