Project: – Google domination

URL:  (this site will be used as tier 2 seo to make fully stable and achieve top 5)

Account manager: Nimesh

Target keyword: office catering ec2

Keyword start: 1,000
Target location: 1
Target achieved:


Notes: SEO started Wednesday 5th November 2014  if you read below  Tuesday 20th January 2015 3,300 backlinks where indexed from zero and Sunday 29th March over 8,000 links where indexed.

After creating links and viewing that they have been indexed. We  concluded that this site must have had SEO work done before hand which has been penalised by Google updates. From Tuesday 31st March our strategy will be to save octopus site from the google penalty and at same time create high ranks for tier 2 website which will be included in the package. The tier 2 site will ensure in the long term octopus food will be able to have top ranking and top ranking secure from google penalties.

SEO status: Active (5th November to date)

back-link increase time date in stage 1 seo – report below.